The 100 Happy Days Insta-Challenge!

We’re all #instaobsessed with #Instagram and we #knowit. Okay, i’ll stop.

Welcome to the world of great food photography and selfies. That’s Instagram for you in a sentence. One of the ongoing fads that Instagram is flooded with is the ‘100 Happy Days’ challenge. This challenge basically gets you to sign up to the challenge’s website, pick your form of social media (most people pick our favourite, #Instagram) and then start to post an image of something that makes you happy every single day for the next 100 days.

I was feeling particularly excited one afternoon and decided to take it on. “Interestingly, the simple sounding experiment has a fail rate of 71 percent. Most of those who give up say they lack the time to get involved.” (Gardner, 2014) And unlike the 71% of people who didn’t manage to complete it, I did. I have to say though, it is sort of hard to document something every single day and to remember to post it on time. I had days where it was hard to pick between 3 amazing photos and days where I couldn’t even find one. This challenge has definitely got people using Instagram and helped it gain SO much more popularity.

If you’re looking for something to motivate you to get more social media-savvy, I’d recommend trying this challenge for sure!

You’ll be hash-tagging #APA referencing at the end of it! Haha.


Gardner, J. (2014). The daily delights of the 100-day happiness challenge. Retrieved 2014, from


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