Social Media Management – How important is it?

In a world where you would need to turn off the wifi in your homes to get the family to gather in one place, yes, social media management is absolutely essential for every brand that exists.

Social Media Management has created a whole new department of jobs in every firm which means the ever-growing population might actually have jobs now! Woo-hoo!

Considering how active I personally am on social media platforms, I cannot even fathom how easy it is for a brand to reach me and people like me by just having an online presence. However, this presence needs to be monitored and modified to the target market. You cannot advertise old-age homes to a student who hasn’t even entered the workforce yet. This is precisely why brands do need social media management along with a qualified and efficient social media manager.

Having been a part of the Social Media Tactics class has helped me learn a lot more about major online platforms which has now helped modify how I would write copy for a brand’s Facebook page, and to be honest, how I currently write on my own Facebook profile as well.

As they say, once you post something on the online universe that is the internet, it stays there forever. If that’s the case, I say we all need to keep track of the quality of content we upload. Nobody want’s a stupid status from 8th grade suddenly show up do they? (Yes, this happened to me over the weekend.) Also, there’s an app called Scrubber that will now save you from putting up work that’s NSFW! Have a look at it on the link given in the references. (Koman, 2014)

Until the next post 🙂


Koman, T. (2014). New App Warns You If Your Social Feeds Are Too NSFW. Retrieved 2014, from


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