Google+ – Why do you even exist?

Most people I know would probably be asking the same question that forms the title of this post. However, the one thing we don’t realise is that Google + is a lot more than just Google+ or G+. It’s the entire Google family.

Have you ever used Google Chrome, Google Play or YouTube? All of these require you to make a Google account, or smartly put, a Google+ account. I personally don’t even remember why and when I made one, but the only time it actually struck me was when I opened my browser window and had the Google logo modified into party mode wishing me Happy Birthday! Les-be-onest (Pitch Perfect Reference!), I was flattered for the first 5 seconds, but post that was when I started to get creeped out wondering how they remembered or even knew my birthday. And also, the fear of what else they knew. I’m not a serial killer or anything but it was still something I worried about. That’s when I noticed the Google+ logo in the corner with my ID logged in. Stupid, Anjan.

“Google says it has more than 300 million monthly users, which is more than Twitter at 240 million, but Nielsen has found people spend little time on Google Plus.” (Sloan, 2014) I have never in my life had anyone ask me if I had a Google+ account. Never. But then again, almost every single person I know uses YouTube. Well played, Google.


Sloane, G. (2014). Google Plus Just as Popular as Twitter in U.S., Study Says. Retrieved 2014, from