LinkedIn – The Work-verse

Every second lecturer or tutor I’ve met at University, has asked me if I had a LinkedIn account. And when I said I didn’t, they would immediately flip! So I finally got one.

To be absolutely honest, I’ve had my LinkedIn account for a couple of months now but I only just updated it to my most recent work profile last night. I’ve never been really active on it, but when I did actually update everything yesterday, I started to add all these people as my connections and my profile was on a roll! I had people I didn’t know viewing my profile and that made me realise how essential it was. You never know when a potential employer is looking through your profile and could help you land your dream job, right?

Also, I did find this article online which I believer outlines everything about LinkedIn I’d want to say. I will mention the highlights on here and you can read through the entire piece using the link mentioned at the end. So here are the 15 LinkedIn Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid. (Shane, 2014)

Mistake #1: Having an Unfinished LinkedIn Profile

Mistake #2: Posting an Inappropriate Picture, or Worse, No Picture

Mistake #3:  Connecting to People, Then Immediately Trying to Sell Them

Mistake #4: Using Inaccurate Career Information

Mistake #5:  Not Including Dates and Brief Job Descriptions in Your Experience

Mistake #6: Infrequent Status Updates

Mistake #7: Over Posting Daily

Mistake #8: Asking for Recommendations From People You Barely Know

Mistake #9:  Sending Direct Spammy Stuff

Mistake #10: Posting Overly Negative Comments

Mistake # 11: Being Too Self Serving in Groups

Mistake #12: Not Including Links to Your Key Sites on Your Profile

Mistake #13: Not Personalizing Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Mistake #14: Using LinkedIn Like Facebook or Instagram

Mistake #15: Not Personalizing Your Connection Requests or Personal Messages


I’ve definitely learned a thing, or five from this post and I hope this helps you too!


Shane, D. (2014). 15 LinkedIn Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid. Retrieved 2014, from